BEST February 2015: Childrens Safeguarding, Mental Capacity

  • Childrens Safeguarding
  • Barnsley Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Service (BSARCS)
  • Mental Capacity Act
Date: 18th February 2015

Various topics were covered in the course of this afternoon within the context of Safeguarding Vulnerable People, especially children. The latter half of the afternoon was led by a solicitor discussing the issues around the Assessment of Mental Capacity and the Mental capacity Act.

  • South Yorkshire Police Hotline - 0800 789321
  • BMBC Safeguarding Adults- 01226 77583


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The up to date  Adult Safe Guarding page details can be found if you press the link. 

The up to date  Child Safe Guarding details can be found if you press the link.



  • Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Service BSARCS- Lynne Casserley

    Lynne Casserley, Development Manager

    Lynne covers the highly specialised extensive service provided by this organisation, provided by  highly qualified staff including, social workers, barrister, Children's therapists and a specialist Child Exploitation trainer. They provide extensive counselling to victims of Sexual Abuse , be they young people, adults, women or men. Support is also provided for Partners and families

  • Mental Capacity - Emmett Maginn

    Emmett Maginn, Solicitor

    Matt answers 3 main Questions ie:

    1. What is Mental Capacity

    2. How to assess Mental capacity

    3. If a person lacks Mental Capacity, what is considered allowable in the patients "Best interest" in terms of treatment/non treatment.

  • Safe Guarding Vulnerable People - Sharon, Galvin, Gillian Pepper, Kay Fletcher

    Sharon Galvin, Child Safeguarding Cheif Nurse

    Sharon Galvin covers issues to do with assessing Levels of need ie: Early help/ Child in Need / Child Protection . She also covers Child Sexual Exploitation, in terms of recognising it and reporting it appropriately.

    Kay Fletcher informs us on how "Social Care- Request for Service" forms should be filled in appropriately, so preventing unnecessary delays.

    Finally Gillian Pepper discusses the factors that make predisposes individuals to be influenced by groups with extremist ideas, be they religious or racial.


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