BEST June 2015: Diabetes Mellitus!

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Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus!

  • Barnsley Diabetic Services
  • Community Diabetic Nurses (and Insulin)
  • Diet and Diabetes
  • The Diabetic Foot (and pathway)

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Adrian Scott,
  • Dr Keith Sands,
  • Natalie Bennett,
  • Paul Pipe-Thomas,
  • Glenn Nicholson
Date: 17th June 2015
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This educational event was absolutely packed with delegates and Clinical content in relation to Diabetes. The importance of weight loss , second line management after metformin, the newer oral hypoglycaemics, and very importantly , the team approach to Diabetic care is covered

The knowledge  content delivered by the  diabetic specialist team members  ie the Specialist Nurses, Dietician and Podiatrist , was a reminder as to how extremely specialised they are, their extensive impressive knowledge and the importance of using their services early on and appropriately.

Dr.Sand's pre recorded video lecture  on telephone/ e-consultations offered an interesting,efficient alternative to accessing expert clinical Diabetic advice in a way more convenient for patients and preventing the need to refer to secondary care.


  • Diabetes- An Update Dr.Adrian Scott

    Dr Adrian Scott, Cosultant Endocrinologist

    Dr. Adrian Scott covered the importance of dietary intervention prior to medication initiation , second line management after metformin, the newer oral hypoglycaemics, glucose monitoring and driving and target Hb A1c in different Diabetic groups of patients.


  • Diabetic Specialist Nurses and Insulin in Diabetes- Glenn Nicholson

    Glenn Nicholson, Diabetic Community Nurse

    Glenn covers the role of the Diabetic Specialist Nurses, the referral criteria and the Self Referral Clinic. He then delves into the mine field of Insulin in the treatment of Diabetes mellitus.

  • Dietary Advice in Diabetes - Paul-Pipe Thomas

    Paul Pipe-Thomas, Specialist Dietician for Diabetes

    The pivotal role of Diet in Diabetes, and the very specialised service offered  is brought home by Paul.

  • The Foot in Diabetes - Natalie Bennett

    Natalie Bennett, Diabetic Community Lead Podiatrist

    All the foot complications associated with Diabetes are covered in this lecture alongside graphic pictures, illustrating the need to act fats on any diabetic foot changes. The depth and seriousness of what may seem as a minor superficial ulcer is illustrated, and the extensive debridement using specialised tools was quite an eye opener to those attending.

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