BEST March 2015: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diease



COPD/ COPD Community Services

  • TB in Barnsley

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Jon Miles,
  • Gail Miles,
  • Dr Andrew O'Shaughnessy,
  • Caron Applebee
Date: 18th March 2015
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Various aspects of this very common condition COPD, from symptoms, diagnosis, spirometry interpretation,  inhaler treatment , specialised Community/hospital  COPD services all the way until  Palliative care and End of Life is covered.

The issues around Tuberculosis in Barnsley is also mentioned.


  • Airways diseases - Gail and Jon Miles

    Dr Jon Miles, Consultant Respiratory Physician

    Dr. Miles and Gail Miles from Rotherham Breathing Space cover most of what one needs to know about COPD, stressing the importance of pulmonary rehabilitation and the importance of End of life Care in relation to the end stages of COPD.

  • Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease - Medicine Management

    Caron Applebee, Medicines Management Pharmacist

    Some of the new developments in terms of COPD Pathways, and newer inhalers are included in this presentation.

  • Community COPD Services Available in Barnsley- Community COPD Teams

    Sue Hazeldine, Community Matron

    Representatives from the Community Matron Service (Sue Hazeldine), COPD Specialist Nursing Service Pat Burkinshaw), COPD Respiratory Hub Sharon Dunning), Pulmonary Rehab team ( Jill Young)  and from Care Navigation/ Tele-Health ( Paul Hughes) came to explain their unique yet sometimes overlapping role in the care of patients with COPD. Various Referral/Exclusion Criteria are included.

    PS: An updated COPD Services BEST talk was delivered Nov 2016 where up to date COPD services can be found


    Updated COPD Services- Nov 2016


  • Tuberculosis in Barnsley- Dr Andrew O'Shaughnessy

    Dr Andrew O'Shaughnessy, Consultant Public Health

    This presentation includes the case load of TB in Barnsley, how to investigate and the problem of Multi - Drug Resistance.

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