BEST May 2015: Haematology: New DVT Pathway

BEST May 2015 image

Haematology blood tests

  • New DVT Pathway
  • Oral Anticoagulants and NOACS

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Ng,
  • Dr Rajiv Kumar,
  • Dr Krishnasamy,
  • Denise Brown
Date: 20th May 2015

Unfortunately , we were unable to record the talks , as we lacked a camera man on that particular afternoon.

Only the DVT  pathway and the presentation slides on anticoagulants are available as Dr.Ng decided to do an extremely interactive session using the old fashioned acetate and old fashioned over head projector.

However, you will find various Sheffield produced extremely useful Haematology related guidelines which you may wish to refer to.


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