BEST November 2015: Haematuria and Chronic Kidney Disease

Haematuria NICE Guidelines and Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Hematuria NICE Guidelines
  • Chronic kidney disease  

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Arif Khwaja,
  • Mr David Smith,
  • Chris Lawson
Date: 18th November 2015
Location: Shaw Lane Rugby Club, Barnsley, S70 6HZ
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Both Dr.Khwaja, Consultant Nephrologist and Mr.Smith , Consultant Urologist were excellent at simplifying two topics, CKD and Haematuria  that many Primary Health Care Professionals find slightly challenging in terms of appropriate management once detected. Case scenarios were used throughout both the talks, reinforcing the educational content. 




  • Chronic Kidney Disease -Dr.Arif Khwaja

    Dr Arif Khwaja, Consultant Nephrologist

    Dr.Khwaja reviews the new NICE CKD Staging, in relation to eGFRs. He then provides a systematic approach to CKD, explains the Cardiovascular risk associated with CKD and its' management and he then does the same with Diabetic Nephropathy. Finally he goes through 7 Case studies and multiple voting type questions to reinforce the clinical messages covered in the first half of his talk. The questions and discussion around the cases  helped clarify any confusion that remained.


  • Chronic Kidney Disease MQC - Dr Arif Khwara

    Dr Arif Khwaja, Consultant Nephrologist

  • Urological Presentation- Mr. David Smith

    Dr David Smith MB, ChB(Hons), FRCS(Urol), Consultant Surgeon

    Mr. Smith's presentation covers the interpretation of visible and non visible haematuria, urothelial cancers, the new NICE Guidelines on haematuria, what happens at a Haematuria clinic. He spends significant time explaining the counselling, limitations and implications associated with PSA testing.

    In the latter half, he takes us on a tour of various other symptoms affecting men, including Lower Urinary Tract symptoms, nocturia, incontinence, and more...

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