BEST October 2015: Antibiotics: To Prescribe or Not to Prescribe ? That is the Question!

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Antibiotics use in Primary Care

  • Reduce Antibiotic Prescribing
  • Urinary Tract Infection in the Elderly

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Pete Smith,
  • Thomas Bisset,
  • Dr Rao
Date: 21th October 2015
Location: Shaw Lane Rugby Club, Barnsley, S70 6HZ
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Antibiotics use in Primary Care

To prescribe or not to prescribe?  For common ailments such as Upper Respiratory Tract infections and Urinary tract symptoms?

A dilemma that faces each and every one of us multiple times in our daily practice is tackled by Dr.Peter Smith, Vice President of the National Association of Primary Care and by Dr.Rao our Barnsley Consultant microbiologist.

The alternative over the counter, symptom controlling medicines, their availability and effectiveness is discussed by Thomas Bissett, Chair of the Local Pharmaceutical Committee.


  • URTIs Upper Respiratory Tract Infections and Antibiotics - Dr Pete Smith -

    Dr Pete Smith, GP

    Dr Pete Smith OBE - GP Churchill Medical Practice, Surrey. qualified from Sheffield. Chair of the National Association of Primary Care.

    We were extremely privileged to have had Dr.Peter Smith, a National figure, coming all the way from London to address us. His practice won the NICE Award for sharing good practice with regards to their commitment and implementation of a simple yet effective practice wide programme which resulted in a significant drop in Antibiotic use. 

    He shared the details of the simple programme his practice implemented to achieve this.


  • UTIs Urinary Tract Infections in the Elderly: Are we only getting half the story ? Dr.Jyoyji Rao

    Dr Rao, Consultant Microbiologist

    Dr.Jyothi Rao , our local Consultant Microbiologist presents the evidence relating to the screening and treating of "Asymptomatic Bacteriauria" in the elderly population. More than a few eye brows were raised as the audience perception, as evidenced by the voting results, were quite contrary to the actual evidence!

    She also reviews the complications of  antibiotic use, defines symptomatic Urinary Tract Infections and of course discusses the challenges around diagnosing UTIs in the elderly population.

    A useful UTI pathway has been attached . This is just an easier to read,  expanded version of the one available  at the back of the Barnsley Primary care Antibiotic Guidelines

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