Health Referral Scheme

Health Referral Scheme

The Health Referral Scheme is a 12-week programme aimed at helping people with low risk medical conditions manage and improve their health through physical activity. Physical activity can have an extremely positive impact upon physical and mental health as well as reducing risk factors for disease.

The scheme is available at all BPL centre’s in Barnsley where patients will be monitored and supported by our Health Referral Advisors. Once we have received a referral patients will be contacted by their chosen centre to arrange a free consultation where we will discuss the programme and take baseline measurements to allow us to evaluate the impact the scheme has had upon their health. There are two options available to attend their sessions; they may either attend scheduled gym only sessions costing £3 per session, or take out our reduced rate Health Referral Scheme membership which starts at £17.99 to £24.50 per month depending which centre they wish to attend. At week 12 patients will then attend their completion consultation where we will retake their measurements to see how the scheme has impacted upon their health and discuss their options to continue to exercise under the supervision and support of our fitness staff.

Should you require any further information I would be happy to meet to discuss the scheme further.

Mark Goodhead

Health Referral Scheme Co-ordinator

01226 738611

Health Referral Scheme Referral Form

Health Referral Scheme Referral Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Patient can be referred and attend sessions supervised by Level 3 GP Referral qualified advisors.

All conditions must be diagnosed as stable and mild in severity.

All patients must be aged 16+ and present one of the following conditions;

Cancer (Remission)

 Controlled Asthma

 Controlled Type II Diabetes

 Fibromyalgia

 Hypercholesterolemia

Hypertension (130-139 / 85-89 and not medication controlled)

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

 Mild Depression / Anxiety

 Mild Osteoarthritis

 Mild Osteoporosis

 Mild Rheumatoid Arthritis

 Obesity (BMI 30+)

 Pre & Post Operation

 Pregnancy

 Simple Mechanical Back Pain

 Stress


Exclusion Criteria

Patient cannot be referred

Any patients presenting any of the below conditions are excluded from the scheme;

 3 or more inclusion criteria

 High hypertension (180/100 mmHg) or uncontrolled hypertension

 Uncontrolled diabetes I or II

 Severe or poorly controlled asthma

Chronic muscle, joint or bone conditions that greatly impede mobility or require physiotherapist treatment

 Unstable or severe mental health state

Patients who in the Healthcare Professionals opinion are not medically fit to undertake an exercise programme


How to refer

Referral into the scheme can be made through the following;

Referral by healthcare professional by post, online or secure email

Self-Referral by post or online

By post: Health Referral Scheme, Metrodome Leisure Complex, Queens Road, Barnsley, S71 1AN

Secure email: