Diabetes- Patient information Leaflets

DAFNE Course (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) Course for Type 1 Diabetes  

XPERT  Health Type 2 Diabetes patient educational programme 

Lifestyle and Diabetes

Alcohol Unit chart/  Weight Conversion chart / BMI chart to show patients

Weight loss - patient information sheet  

Diet and Diabetes

Food Diary sheets- for patients

Type 1 Diabetes- Food advice/ Type 2 Diabetes- Food advice 

Foot Care 

Foot neuropathy / poor sensation

Foot care advice

Low Risk advice leaflet

Moderate Risk advice leaflet 

High Risk advice leaflet

Advice about your footwear

Holiday Feet advice leaflet

Charcot Foot advice leaflet 

Looking after your diabetic foot ulcer advice leaflet  

Picture to show patients re: Diabetes

Diabetes and Life hygiene

Diabetic complications

SOUND Doctor - Diabetes video titles -contact practice manger to gain access to the videos

Other patient info leaflets

Diabetes easy read patient information 

Prediabetes -patient leaflet

Type 1 Diabetes 

Type 2 Diabetes

NICE- patient leaflet