Self-management programme, Help Overcome Problems Effectively (HOPE) electronic version iHOPE

Date: 01 September 2020

Understandably the COVID-19 pandemic is causing increased anxiety for everyone and, this may be particularly difficult for people living with cancer.

As you will be aware in line with government advice, most face to face HOPE programmes have been cancelled or postponed. To mitigate this, we have increased our online self-management offer for people living with cancer, by increasing the number of iHOPE self-management programmes we are delivering.

So far this year we have run 4 iHOPE courses and are planning to run two more on:

  • 21st September
  • 19th October

We would be grateful if you could help promote this to anyone living with cancer who you think might be interested. People can sign up directly via the link in the flyer or by clicking on the link below. (The new dates will be up soon on the link, but people can still register their interest).

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