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In this section of the BEST website I will inform you of the  NEW content that I think you will be especially interested in.

The other content re: newsletters and vaccine updated etc, will still appear in the  NEWS section half way down the HOME  page


New Content added October 2020

NEW Consent Form - Flu Vaccination Consent for care homes residents 

NEW Guidance - Oral Ranitidine out of stock guidance 

UPDATED Referral Form - Heart Failure Specialist Nursing Service Referral 

UPDATED Referral Form - Heart Failure Diagnostic Clinic 

UPDATED Prescribing Guideline - Febuxostat


UPDATED Prescribing Guideline - Orlistat 

UPDATED Guideline - Management of stable COPD 

UPDATED Prescribing Guideline - Linezolid

UPDATED Amber G Shared Care Guideline -  Anastrozole, Tamoxifen and Raloxifene 


New Content added February 2020  

UPDATED Local guideline  - GFF smoking cessation 

UPDATED Local guideline - GFF weight management 

NEW Service - Out of Hours Cervical Screening 


New Content added - January 2020 

NEW Patient information  - Upper GI Service 

UPDATED Patient information - Cardiac Rehabilitation 

UPDATED referral form  - Cardiac rehabilitation 

UPDATED Patient information - Free mental health workshops new dates 

UPDATED Local guideline - Safeguarding flowchart and contacts adults and children 

UPDATED Local guideline - Heavy Menstrual Bleeding 


New Content added - December 2019

UPDATED - change to eGFR calculation

NEW Patient Information - E.Coli infection control 

NEW Patient Information - how can constipation in children be prevented 

UPDATED Patient Information - advanced statements and Advanced decisions 

NEW Local Guideline - Cervical screening for transgender female to male patients 


New Content added - November 2019

UPDATED - Safeguarding Flowchart adults and children

UPDATED Service - BREATHE Service contacts

UPDATED National Guideline - Guide to symptom Management in Palliative Care 

UPDATED Service - Biochemistry consultant contracts 

UPDATED Referral form - Urology 2WW

UPDATED Referral form - Lower GI 2WW

UPDATED Referral form  - Upper GI 2WW


New Content added - October 2019 

NEW Patient information  - Colorectal telephone triage assessment 

NEW Service - Iron deficiency anemia 

UPDATED Patient information - PSA testing and prostate cancer 

UPDATED Service  - new consultant contacts for biochemistry  

UPDATED Referral form - IV teicoplanin for treatment of cellulitis 


New Content added - September 2019  

NEW Service  - Umbrella Mental health /LD support 

NEW Diagnostic tool - classification of cellulitis 

NEW service / local pathway  - Cancer care reviews 

UPDATED Referral form - IAPT prescription pad 

UPDATED patient information - IAPT workshops 


New Content added - August 2019 

UPDATED Service and Referral from - NDPP 

UPDATED Schedule - Routine immunisations autumn 2019 

UPDATED Referral Forms - 2ww 

UPDATED Pathway - Barnsley asthma treatment algorithm for adults

UPDATED Shared Care - Ranolazine shared care guideline


New Content added - July 2019 

UPDATED REFERRAL FROM - Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

NEW PATHWAY - Barnsley Vague Symptoms Pathway 

NEW NATIONAL GUIDANCE - Ulcerative Colitis Flare Pathway

NEW NATIONAL GUIDANCE - Crohn's Disease Flare Pathway

Screening and Immunisation updates 


New Content added  - June 2019 



Updated IAPT prescription pad

NEW DATES ADDED - Mental health workshops


New Content added - May 2019 

UPDATED REFERRAL Form - MSK e-referral 

Skin barrier protection pathway - prevention and management of moisture associated skin damage 

NEW SERVICE - free HPV vaccine for men who have sex with men 

NEW SERVICE & REFERRAL FROM - Perinatal Mental Health 

NEW SERVICE - IV Teicoplanin for treatment of cellulitis 


New Content  added - April 2019 

NEW SERVICE Young Peoples Substance Misuse Service 

NEW SERVICE Neurological Physiotherapy Out-Patient Service

Macmillan Educational Events in Barnsley 

NEW PATIENT INFOGeneral advice for parents of sick children

Changes to IFR and Commissioning for Outcomes checklists 


Nov 2018

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