MAG form  

  • An updated MAG form is available, which is valid from 2016/17 onwards.
  • The new MAG form and guide, along with a checklist are available here or can be downloaded directly from NHS England  

On this page you will find BLANK AND  STRUCTURED guided templates for components required for our Appraisals.  

The WORD documents are editable but pdf documents are not. Remember NOT to save any patient identifiable data on the BEST website .

1. BLANK WORD document templates- personal content CAN be added and saved on to your computer device .

these  documents will open up in WORD at the bottom of the screen - depending on where your microsoft office is on your computer.

2 .PDF Structured Templates -as these are pdf documents , own content CANNOT  be added or saved. (WORD structured templates available below)

these will contain  guidance on what Appraisers are looking for in our Appraisal entries .

3. WORD Structured Templates - personal content CAN be added and saved on to your computer device .CPD Reflective Learning Templates

 RCGP audit examples

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Appraisal and Revalidation support

Any queries regarding appraisal or revalidation can be referred to either:

  • The appraiser (contact details will be provided in appraisal correspondence, or can be obtained from the appraisal team).
  • The Appraisal Lead Co-ordinator: Dr Tom Heyes
    Telephone: 01226 386957